High Pressure Water Blasting

Our Industrial strength pressure cleaners will easily remove all lichen (moss), and dirt from your roof tiles, any crumbly old mortar will also be blasted out.

Gutters Rinsed

Once your roof is cleaned your gutters will be flushed out to remove any mess.


High pressure cleaning your roof and flushing your gutters unfortunately makes quite a mess, which is why we then do our best to do a general clean and hose up around your house. We won’t leave a big mess behind.

Flexible Re-Pointing

High quality flexible mortar to fully re-point your roof, flexible mortar is designed to stick to your roof tiles better than cheaper, non-flexible alternatives. It also has enough flexibility to withstand any normal movement which is common to all houses and roofs. 

Broken Tile Replacement.

Any broken or cracked tiles on your roof will be replaced, this is incredibly important as broken tiles are by far the most common cause of leaks in roofs. 

In addition, roof tiles that have small chips off the corners but are unlikely to leak will be repaired so that they are not noticeable. This ensures a top quality finish.

Premium Tile Coating.

We use a premium 3 coat roof re-sealing system. The first coat is an adhesive sealant which will seal your roof tiles while also providing perfect adhesion for the two coats to follow. The second and the third coats are both an acrylic membrane, specially designed and formulated in Australia to withstand our harsh weather conditions and seasonal extremes.

Roof Vent (Whirly-Gig) Installation.

Many customers ask us about roof vent installation.

A roof vent can, as the name suggests, provide excellent ventilation for your roof. They can help remove hot air and odours from your roof cavity in the warmer months and can also help remove moisture during the cooler months, which can cause mould.

At Outlast Roof Restorations, we are more than happy to install roof vents for you while you are having your roof restored, at a fraction of the price normally charged for roof vent installation.