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Outlast Roof Restorations are a family owned business, with 25 years of experience repairing roofs all around Melbourne. A leaking roof can cause serious long term damage to your house. Often a damaged roof that’s in need of repair, isn’t noticed until it’s too late and the damage has already been done. We take pride in our work, and treat every customer’s home as if it was our own. Customer communication is crucial to our business, we make sure when you book us in to repair your roof, that we will call you back, and we will turn up on time.

If you are looking for highly skilled, trustworthy roof repair or restoration in Melbourne. Give Outlast Roof Restorations a call.

Our Residential Roof Repair Services

We can completely restore your roof to its original condition, ensuring your roof will last for many years.

High Pressure Water Blasting

Using pressure cleaners to remove all lichen (moss), and dirt from your roof tiles, Old mortar will also be blasted out.

Gutters Rinsed

Once your roof is cleaned to remove any dirt and old mortar. We flush your roof gutters to remove any mess.


We then do our best to do a general clean and hose up around your house. We won’t leave a big mess behind.

Flexible Re-Pointing

Using high quality flexible mortar we fully re-point your roof. We don’t use cheap, non flexible mortars. Our mortar is designed to stick to your roof tiles far better than alternatives. The mortar will withstand normal roof movement. 

Broken Tile Replacement.

We replace any broken tiles that may cause roof leaks. Any roof tiles that have small chips off the corners but are unlikely to leak will be repaired so that they are not noticeable.

Premium Tile Coating.

Using a 3 coat roof re-sealing system. The first is an adhesive sealant that seals your roof tiles. The remaining coats are both an acrylic membrane. Designed to withstand our harsh weather conditions This will give your roof a great seal and have it looking like new..

Why roof tile repairs?

A fraction of the price of a new roof 

There’s no need to completely replace your roof. Outlast Roof Restorations can quickly and affordably repair broken tiles, and reseal your roof. Leaving your roof looking like it has been replaced.

Give the appearance of your home a ‘face-lift’

There’s no reason that your roof has to be restored in the same colour as before. If you are looking at doing a renovation and want to change the roof colour, we can completely change the appearance of your house.

Add value to your home

Having a roof restored will have it looking like it’s new. This is incredibly important for those who are wanting to sell their house. Making sure your roof is in the best condition it can be, shows potential buyers the home is well looked after, and doesn’t have critical water damage.

Repair capping and leaks

Get your roof inspected and repaired before damaging weather and rain causes severe damage to your roof and house. Slow leaks in a house can cause major structural damage. Make sure your roof protects your house.

Increase the lifespan of your roof 

Having your roof cleaned, repointed and resealed will guarantee your roof will last for many years. Outlast Roof Restorations will leave your roof stronger and more secure against the elements.

Peace of mind

A home is usually your biggest asset, having your roof inspected and repaired if necessary will help you have piece of mind that your greatest investment isn’t getting slowly damaged over time by leaks.

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